This is a project I started one night, laying on the couch, playing with my phone, and listening to a documentary on my computer about the fashion house Balmain. In this moment of total distraction and mental relaxation, one reference in the documentary to a moment in history, Gertrude Stein’s coverage of the first Balmain show in 1945 for Vogue magazine, spun out into a web of references I wanted to collect for myself and make available for others.

As I return to the spot in the universe where Saturn spun when I was entered the world, I need a document that reflects back on all the references that formed an unwitting fixation with art. The project is a bulwark against the intense malaise that contemporary art and the systems in which its bound up can produce, and do produce. The project is to reflect, spin, and post every day for 365 days. In addition, I’ve embedded the Twitter timeline of writer Naomi Fry; I elected her bard of my year.